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I figured before I got to sucked in i might as well switch over, my blog is now  not    so dont come here looking for anymore blogs from this guy


Man Up (an idea)

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I just started writing a book.  I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, but Driscoll’s recent sermon “Trial: Men and Marriage” just inspired me to begin.

The book is titled “Man Up.” I’ll admit the book itself is going to be a learning process, seeing as I’m only a college punk. But as I study, learn and research, I’m going to be writing. I will be discussing the biblical meaning of being a man and how to apply it. I’ll be posting the chapters here in their roughest form (as in I just wrote them and no editing has been done). I would greatly appreciate it if for each chapter you would comment on something you either liked or disliked, or any other kind of suggestion.

By the way, if anyone hasn’t listened to the Driscoll Sermon, you need to, especially the guys. Possibly one of the best sermon’s I’ve ever heard.

Victory in Christ,


Killing Cockroaches.

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They’re not palmetto bugs, they’re cockroaches.

Kill ’em.

I’ve recently been reading Tony Morgan’s book, “Killing Cockroaches.” In the foreword, Andy Stanely says something about Mr. Morgan sharing golden nuggets. So I was like, “This is going to be nice, I enjoy little golden nuggets.” Little did I know that what Andy Stanely described as “golden nuggets”  would challenge the crap out of me.  Through random Blog and Website advice, to interviews with other pastors, to  pithy statements (nice word usage), Tony Morgan will keep you on your toes.  His sarcastic humor keeps the book lighthearted, yet still deep and meaningful.  The layout of the sections makes it easy to just whip out for a few minutes, gain some wisdom, and put it back in you bag.  I would highly recommend it.  I place it in the same category as “It” by Craig Grouchel,  “Vintage Church” by Mark Driscoll, and “Next Generation Leader” by Andy Stanely.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check it out at your local library (actually you probably won’t find it there,  or at

Seriously, check it out, its worth it.

I wouldn’t lie to you.


P.S.  If you would like more insight from Tony, check out his blog,

A Few more confessions from a college punk…

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I’m just gonna jump straight in.

Last night God basically told me that if i wanted to move further in my relationship with him that I needed to start doing my school work and applying myself.  I was kinda pissed off about that.  I don’t use that word often, but I think it accurately classifies what I was feeling.  What a stupid thing to be pissed off about.

Earlier today, me and Briston were talking about praying for people and such.  This girl walked up behind us, kinda a grunge/goth chick.  She started talking to Roger (the coffee shop man) about how she was really worried because her parents were having problems and she didn’t know if she was going to have a place to stay anymore, and that she didn’t make enough money to get an apartment.  I felt the urge to pray for her.  So I did, to myself, and the Holy Spirit was like, “that’s not enough, she needs to hear it.”   But I ignored it.   I just walked off with Briston.  We had both been openly talking about God and Jesus, and could have had an amazing opportunity to witness and encourage, but we just walked off.   I spoke to Briston about afterwards and he said that he had had the urge to say something to her as well, even if it was just an encouraging word.   Freak.   Failed miserably yet again.  Spirit: 0  Flesh: 1

The words of Paul ring so true.

Romans 7:15 “For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate”


Thats how I feel right now.

Book List

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Here’s the five coolest and most inspiring books i’ve read lately…

5. Un-Christian -David Kinnaman

4.     The Confessions of a Reformission Rev. -Mark Driscol

3.     Crazy Love -Francis Chan

2.    Killing Cockroaches -Tony Morgan

1.     It -Craig Grouchel

Anyone else have any suggestions of books you’ve read lately that inspire, challenge, or encourage you?

Paul, Barnabas and Timothy

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Everyone needs a Paul, a Barnabas and a Timothy in their lives.  Pastor John from Summit Church spoke on this last night at Elevate.   Let me explain.

We’ll start with Paul.  Paul is a person in your life who can mentor you and help guide you in your walk, your Yoda if you will.  They are someone who is spiritually more mature than you and most likely older.  They pour into you, and challenge you to grow.

Next is Barnabas.  He is a companion that walks alongside you.  He can see the potential in you and pushes you to reach that potential.  He encourages you.  You can have several Barnabas’, in fact its probably advisable.  These are close friends who can say anything to you,  possible accountability partners.

And last is Timothy.  Timothy is someone who you pour into.  You are their Paul.   You share with them what God has been showing you in your walk.  You are there for them anytime they need you.  You’re willing to drop whatever your doing to help them.   You guide them, encourage them, challenge them, and call them out on things.

I recently aquired a Timothy in my life.  My roomate Phil asked me to be his Paul last night at Elevate and I felt God leading me to, so I did.   Its going to challenge the crap out of me.  If I’m goin to be sharing with someone then I have to make sure I’m in the word, that I’m studying and praying.  So I challenge you, If you don’t have a Paul, go out and ask somone.  They’re in your life already.  Pray that God would make it clear to you who they are.  And then ask them, don’t wait on them to come to you.  Who are some Paul’s or Timothy’s or Barnabas’ in your life?  How do they help you and what advice would you give them?

Confessions of an Addict…

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I am addicted to ping pong.  There, I said it.  I wasn’t always, it started out as just something I did for fun.  Sure I liked the way playing made me feel, but I was more into it because it was a social thing.  Yea, that lasted for about 2 days.  Before I knew it, I had been sucked into the deep dark hole of addiction.  I play everyday now for about two hours.  I think about going and playing all day during classes.  I want a Butterfly paddle ($130 for the one I want).  I just had to get that off my chest… whew.

(the information above is not entirely accurate and has been modified slightly from what is truth)